Pool Service

Pool Service

Our weekly pool service includes testing the pool water and adjusting as necessary for water hardness, PH, chlorine, total alkalinity, stabiliser and salt levels; as well as algae and water clarity.

Our service visits include:

  • Checking that the pump and filter are in good working order
  • Checking the general condition of the pool and its surround
  • Cleaning chlorinator cells and adjust as necessary
  • Emptying leaf baskets and netting leaves
  • Backwashing (only if necessary during water restrictions) and cleaning the filter
  • Advising customers if pool water levels are too low for safe pump functioning
  • Checking the function of the pool cleaner
  • Cleaning the pool’s waterline and brushing the walls as required
  • Adding chemicals to ensure the water is balanced and to manage harmful algae, bacteria and other contaminants in the water.

We service residential and commercial pools, including guest houses and hotels. We offer regular servicing as well as one-off services as required. We guarantee our results and have a fully customer-centric approach.

As we continue to weather the prolonged drought in the Western Cape, swimming pools are becoming more of a challenge to maintain. We ensure that your pool is well managed, that your equipment functions optimally, and that water is not wasted.